Pro Tips: Walking Through Our Application Process

Jun 3, 2016 | Pro Tips

Things You Should Know Before Submitting An Application…

After hours upon hours of browsing through Zillow and other rental sites, you’ve finally found the one. THAT property…if you’ve experienced this, you know exactly what we’re referring to – the property that fits your price range, is the perfect size, and is in the exact location you’re needing to be in. We took the time this week to talk to our processing department to see what you should know before you submit your application for one of our properties, and we thought we would share with you as you take the time to browse through our beautiful properties!

1. DO drive by the property and schedule a showing to see it

We do highly recommend that you drive by the area and schedule a showing to view the home you are interested in! We DON’T recommend signing a lease for a property without first seeing it. Of course there are some unique situations in which you are forced to rent a property site-unseen, but if it is avoidable – please try your best to see the property before applying!

2. DO familiarize yourself with our application process

  • The process is $40 for two adults the application fee is non-refundable. We do NOT make money off of application fees. This is a common misconception, as our application fees are used to cover the cost of the credit and background reports.
  • We run credit and background reports
  • We check previous rental history
  • We verify that income is at least 3x the rental rate

3. DO have all your documents prepared

One way to speed up the process is to provide us with all the information we need.

  • We will ask for 2-3 of your most recent paystubs (bank statements, tax forms, offer letters, etc. are also acceptable – call office for details)
  • Color copy of driver’s licenses (please don’t fax in your driver’s license as we usually can’t see your face or your ID number)
  • If you are applying with other adults try to have their info prepared (call our office for forms to avoid being charged an extra $40 on our site)

4. DO check the pet policy before applying

Before you get all hyped about a property, please check the pet policy. For this, we do recommend that you call our office for more details as most of our owners are willing to negotiate. We love your furry friends as much as you love them, but not every owner has the same policy so please CHECK. Also, please don’t get mad at US if we don’t allow your pet (it’s out of our personal control, as the homeowner does have the final say). But DO talk to us about other possible options if your pets are not approved at the property you really really love – chances are, we’ll have something that works!

5. Finally, DO be patient during the process

The process usually takes 2-3 business days. This process CAN be expedited depending on the property. HOWEVER, if there are multiple applications for the property you are interested in, the process can take up to 5 business days. The reason being is that we do not approve an application on a first-come, first-serve basis – we approve based on which application is the most qualified for the home.

Of course, there are other things about the application process that you’ll have questions about. So by all means, please contact us for assistance! We are more than happy to help you.

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